Fibre Cabling

Are you looking for fibre cabling near you?

Here at KCL Security, we are able to fit fibre cabling in your property or for your business for complex security on your computers and communications network connections. Not only is it a great way to add extra security, but also a great way to keep up to speed.

In recent years wireless networking has increased dramatically within homes and businesses and this setup of cabling is highly trusted in its capabilities to transmit data as well as allowing for faster data transfer speeds, which is why so many businesses are using it to this day.

With our team of highly trained experts who are all well-equipped and experienced in all aspects of the industry, we will guarantee to deliver all your needs and requirements. We confidently offer a complete service, from the initial phone call to the installation of your fibre cabling, our team will assist you throughout.

Fibre cabling is a cutting-edge type of network cable which has proven to offer a significant improvement on performance in terms of data-carrying and bandwidth as to oppose traditional metal conductors.

Why Choose Us?

Fibre cabling has a number of key characteristics that show a clear advantage over outdated metal conductor cables. For example, bandwidth and data transfer, older (usually) copper data cables are incredibly limited compared to fibre cabling. Copper data cables were originally designed to transmit voice signals, in the modern world, we understand the bandwidth for mass data transfer is a much higher demand. Secondly, distance, unlike original metal conductor cables, fibre cabling sends signals for a much longer distance, and many fibre cables are able to carry a signal over hundreds of kilometres, whereas metal conductor cables would reach just over 300 feet. Thirdly, fibre cabling is known for its speed, compared to older types of cabling, fibre cabling definitely has a faster speed.

Fourthly, as fibre cabling is known to not physically carry an electrical signal, it is proven that fibre cabling can have significantly greater protection from interference. Finally, reliability and safety of fibre cabling, fibre cabling does not present a fire hazard in any way as they do not carry a current, and although fibre cabling is lighter and thinner, it is in fact sturdier. Fibre cabling can withstand a lot more pull than original metal cabling, as well as not being affected with extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

Fibre cabling is commonly used today in higher-end internet, phone and television applications, but it is not limited to just technology to connect us to the world. Fibre cabling can be found in décor around your property or workplace. Fibre cabling has become increasingly popular over the last few years for numerous lighting fixtures as well as for its great safety features.

KCL Security offers a fantastic reputation in being able to deliver fantastic results within a timely manner and a cost-effective price to suit your budget and requirements. For all your enquiries, please get in touch with one of our experts today to discuss your requirements and we will happily run through the entire process with you.

So, if you are looking for commercial WiFi installation, please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can assist you.

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