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Designing Bespoke Smart Home Systems At Kent Cables Ltd

Kent Cables Ltd specialise in the design and installation of smart homes, we can design a system which is designed with you entirely in mind, from the start we will ensure that we have covered all of your requirements from lighting and heating to the security of your property.

Whether you are building a new property, renovating an old, or just are looking at adding smart features to your existing property, we are here to provide a smart homes solution. With technology in the past few years developing at such a rapid rate, smart homes are the most exquisite development. Moving with the times mean many electrical aspects of your house can be powered by smart technology.

The Advancement & Benefits Of Smart Security

One of the most advanced technological findings of the 21st century has been smart security, we have all seen CCTV footage and images of a blurry black and white pixelated face or car, that is incredibly difficult to recognise, let alone attempt to read the registration plate. Although previously we would have settled for this extra sense of security, times have adapted and in fact now with smart security, you can receive high-definition video footage of your premises, available instantly to your smartphone or tablet, should you need it.

At Kent Cables Ltd Security we understand the day-to-day stresses everybody goes through, such as ‘Did I lock the door?’, ‘Did I set the alarm?’, ‘Did I turn the music on for the dog’ but we have a solution that can help you, smart homes is one of the leading technological developments of the 21st century. Being able to control your home from the office, or whilst you are on holiday is a way to keep your mind at ease. Smart homes mean that you can check that your door is locked whilst you are away or turn your lights off if you leave in a rush.

The Convenience Of Having Smart Technology In Your Home

Smart homes do not just offer you benefits when you are not in your property, in fact, as long as your electrical appliances are connected with one another through the home network and the internet, you can get a huge benefit with this whilst indoors, whether that is controlling the heating and lighting or even waking up with your favourite playlist playing throughout your home.

Smart homes are a fantastic way to save money on bills as well, by setting the heating to come on from your device means that if you know you will be running late you do not necessarily need the heating to be on all day, having a smart homes device can mean you can set exactly when you want the heating to come on in just a few taps so that your home warms up nicely before you return, but without costing you a fortune.

Make Your Home Smarter & Safer

Another brilliant feature for smart homes is that it offers excellent security options, with high definition cameras and sensors, your property will feel incredibly secure and take the weight off your shoulders of worrying about trespassers or burglaries. You can remotely monitor each and every camera, including changing the positioning of the cameras so that you can check your property when you are away. Smart homes also offer notifications when the sensors pick up movement on your property, so your home will be protected at all times.


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